Pre-employment screening with OSINT investigation

So you’ve interviewed an ideal applicant intended for your company’s vacancy. Candidates smiled during job interviews, approved traditional white pre-employment screenings(background check) like criminal background and work verification and their references gave them glowing recommendations.

In this era, companies looking to employ staff members should go one step further when performing a pre-employment screen or employment history check. An open-source intelligence (“OSINT“) analysis can offer a company with a wealth of helpful information about a candidate before they are recruited.

The obvious information that the potential employer would like to find out is if a candidate is associated with any controversy on the web content that may embarrass your organization or harm your status when the candidate was one of your employees. For example, inappropriate social media blog posts, videos, pictures, blogs and forums, forum comments, or news stories are all sources of evidence that can be evaluated during an OSINT pre-employment screening investigation(OSINT background check).

An OSINT background check or online pre-employment testing investigation may also be valuable in revealing proof of weak cybersecurity awareness procedures by the candidate. We might find the information associated with the prospect, such as an email account, provides fallen into the hands of cybercriminals. Armed with these details, your organization may want to ensure the prospect is using appropriate security actions when engaging with work email, working with a place of work passwords, and interacting with confidential enterprise information.

Further, on-line content may reveal that the candidate offers a propensity to engage in dangerous actions that a probable employer may wish to consider before hiring the candidate. For instance, on the internet content material may suggest the candidate would elevate the place of work protection issues, prospective workplace sexual harassment or bullying actions or even a tendency to heavily use drugs or alcohol.

All of these details can be used from your organization to accurately determine what level of chance the potential personnel may expose you to. Few companies turn their minds to these factors previous to hiring a new employee and in many cases, it can cause critical economic damage through severance payments, litigation costs, and loss of clients or partners.

Don’t consider unwanted threats when getting a new employee. Have a skilled and competent electronic digital forensics company conduct a detailed, fast, and well-priced OSINT pre-employment screening investigation of your employment candidates before you make that next offer of employment.

Spectrum is an OSINT project based on machine learning, big data, and AI technologies. Our team helps(provides/delivery to) private and government organizations integrate sophisticated human resource solutions.

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