One of the key areas of OSINT application. How can I make use of it?

Today we will talk about one of the main tools that I and my colleagues use in their practice of investigations – OSINT. Actually, our team will described one of the key areas of OSINT application.

OSINT (Open source intelligence) – intelligence based on open sources (if literally). Often you can find a few more terms: competitive intelligence, Internet intelligence, business intelligence, and more. Whatever you call it, the essence of this will not change. OSINT is a set of different tools that allow us to efficiently search, collect, and analyze information from open sources (mostly from the Internet) in order to obtain any competitive advantage.

Next, we had analyze the most common tasks that have to be solved using the OSINT toolkit in investigations. The goal of the entire article is to show one of the key areas of OSINT application, and not how it works.

The most popular type of case is the collection of information about an individual. This service is called a “compilation of a certificate for an individual” (sometimes it can be called a dossier).

Everything always depends on the tasks set by the customer, but the most popular type of help is the so-called general format. It usually includes general information about the person: full name and year of birth, registration, place of residence, relatives, contacts, place of work, social networks, criminal records (if any), problems with taxes or banks (if any), property and other things. There are more complicated tasks, but we won’t talk about them, because this is a rare story. After the customer has such a certificate in his hands, he can immediately get some idea of ​​the person he is looking for and make his own opinion about him. Often, along with such a “digital profile”, we also make a behavioral profile, which gives a full understanding of how to interact with a person in the context of any task.

Orders this most often:

The most frequent need for a certificate arises for companies that are recruiting new employees and they need to understand their trustworthiness. The second most important is preparation for negotiations. You always want to understand in advance which person you have to talk to. Well, the third – when a person goes through some kind of investigation within the company, it is necessary to understand his background.

In total, our system can provide:

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