Оpen source intelligence platforms for the military

The amount of publicly available information is growing exponentially, and therefore the importance of open-source intelligence for the military is increasing. Today’s publicly available information, not just classified information, can be extremely useful for predicting security threats locally, nationally, and internationally.

Intelligence analysts should be able to gain clarity, context, and understanding from different types of data and information such as news feeds, reports, web pages, wikis, blogs, forums and chats, social networks, etc. to identify risks and opportunities related to the military. necessary.

In general, analysts should be able to collect all information useful for military operations, both strategic and tactical, related to weapons, geolocation, foreign countries, enemy forces, civilians, military capabilities, etc. Script to understand the importance of open-source intelligence for the military:

Here is a general scenario typical of military action

Each day, at his desk, an OSINT and intelligence analyst creates reports for organizations used to determine metrics and warning signs to support military intelligence. To do this, the analyst must rely on various sources of information (local newspapers, climatic conditions, military communications, social ties between members of different groups, etc.). The value of open-source intelligence lies in its ability to use all the information available on the Internet, as well as in private knowledge bases and institutional community sources. Analyzing this information, the analyst should manage a large amount of information and focus on the areas of greatest interest until it is too late.

Capture what happened and what can happen

One of the key factors for successful military intelligence management is real-time analysis. Analysts need to be able to identify not only past risks (what has already happened) but also what is happening now, as well as future threats (what may happen). Of course, the sooner you can capture these signals, the better.

Traditional applications – based on keywords or statistics or using mapping algorithms – are very limited in their ability to manage open-source information. They can not cope with the complexity and diversity of these data, can not distinguish between shades of value, and can not achieve high levels of productivity for all stages of the intellectual process. They just track and retrieve keywords, not events.

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is becoming an absolute necessity. According to a recently available report through Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC), OSINT Market, Systems 2017-2022, nationwide protection, homeland security, general public safety, and defense companies are usually purchasing OSINT capabilities and state-of-the-art OSINT strategies to improve their checking and investigation functionality in the open web, deep web, and darknet.

The global Open-Sources Intelligence Market in national security, homeland security, and public safety and defense is enhanced by the following drivers:

Increased use of social networking sites and an increase of user-generated content, like video clip sharing, groupings, and group forums, which increase the amount of content available for intelligence organizations to gather and analyze.

Fast enhancements in big data, data analytics, text analytics, and artificial intelligence are facilitating the conversion of countless scattered data into controllable databases for intelligence experts. By simply automating OSINT, experts may now cope with various sources and provide near real-time analyses.

The expanding readiness to release open governmental information to the web, facilitating data access on a private or country level.

Leakage of confidential and key data to the open sphere. Initiatives for example ” Wiki-Leaks” or ” Panama Papers” tend to be exposing previously undisclosed information, allowing sophisticated intelligence companies to make usage of this data for the investigation and monitoring of individuals, companies, and countries through advanced OSINT resources.

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