WEB monitoring and social listening tools To Help Boost Security In Airports

The Future of Air Travel Is Online and Mobile.

Today a number of airport security squads and officers can radically change the situation by monitoring and using social media. Airport security analytic teams can find a big spectrum of A&Q on social media(Who? When? What? Where? In Which circumstance?).

Social media trends and data analytics become used in guaranteeing and monitoring the security at the country’s most significant assets for example international airport areas. Big spectrum of key benefits for using location-based and metadata social media monitoring. Airport security squads can make social listening to detect threats in real-time.

The Future of Air Travel Is Online and Mobile | OSINT 2021

Airport security departments are increasingly turning to geolocation data from social media as a source of actionable intelligence information. A lot of pieces of big data on WEB and social networks, IT system/software that provide collection data, analysis of noise, detection anomalies are very important for the airport and aviation security. 

The OSINT monitoring system and special analytic team (have capabilities) provide solution for tracking social media trends, news lines, reports, forums, RSS various platforms. Collection data and dish it out as vital information pieces and social analytic ties of “actionable open-source intelligence” to the airports (around the world). WEB monitoring system analyzes social media with the view of keeping safe passengers and stuff in airports and preventing a terrorist attack on board.

osint map geo airports security monitoring 2021

The Spectrum system will take a 5-pronged approach with 5 basic modules: data collection(GEO, meta, ..), logical analysis(ties analysis, auto-classification, tracking reaction..), text and image analysis,  monitoring, and profiling. Timely action through coordination with various agencies and units making this solution successful to thwart almost any attacks on airports.

monitor most influencer social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit etc to detect profiles, groups or ties that can endangers the security of airport infrastructure

Very important preventive mechanism in our time is to effectively monitor most influencer social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit etc to detect profiles, groups, or ties that can endanger the security of airport infrastructure. OSINT system can be aplicate for airport border control tasks, identify forbidden organizations or political groups, alerting you of suspicious persons and their activities within or outside airport zones.

Social Media Trends, Data Analytics, Text Analyze, Pic Recognition, Geo-location Identification – To Help Boost Security In Airports again new challenges in aviation after a situation with COVID-2019, it brings new rules for passengers and airport staff. No one likes rules, because it is bringing some stress and taking the time. So one the good idea – not interaction to passenger space, as many as you can. At the same time, we should care about the security of passengers and the best way – provide it on distance, with an OSINT and WEB monitoring system (knowledge gained through this system helps to conduct a predictive analysis of the situation, person or group of people). 

predictive profiling terrorism 2021

Wave of modern life involves all people on the globe in digital space on a different level(web, deep web, and darknet). Obviously, in our time airport security should be more than reactive – they should “to predictive before act”. Blocking terrorism or supporting of terrorism on the stage of planning(messaging, chatting, forums, meta content). The time is making the decision to invest in a social listening tool and WEB monitoring software that works 7 days a week 24 hours.


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