OSINT system for due diligence procedures and Digital Due Diligence

Due diligence is an independent collection of objective information and expert assessment of information about a sold asset or an acquired asset. Investment funds and their investment entities, startups have special status and rules of procedure. Due diligence allows you to get a reasoned answer as soon as possible about the appropriateness of financial investments in the intended object. Also, able to identify ways to improve the legal and financial condition of the company or start-up.

OSINT technologies allow you to collect even more data from open sources, which increases the likelihood and accuracy of conducting quality Due Diligence.

Due diligence can be described as one of the fundamental stages of the purchase of assets, helping the investor to form a complete picture of the possible risks at the time of assignment of property and future crisis situations that may occur after the conclusion of the transaction.

This procedure is aimed at checking the legality of all areas of activity, as well as the commercial attractiveness of a potential transaction or investment object.

Why is due diligence necessary?

Practical use of due diligence

OSINT system provides a solution for different types of due diligence procedures, especially for:

Operational Due Diligence

Marketing Due Diligence

Digital Due Diligence

Spectrum system delivered on market special offer “Digital Due Diligence”. Combination of different monitoring and social analytic modules that work on strong AI and ML flexible engines, which our developers can customize under the goals of the end-user. Our analysts and researchers with deep experience in B2G and B2B sectors developed a special set of measures, charts, and graphs for sophisticated  “Digital Due Diligence”. You can find more details in the document below, where such processes will be described and visualized:


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