Why use social media monitoring tools

Discover how customers see your product

Through inspecting company mentions, you can identify your advantages, those that end users point out most often. This information will also show how these strengths match your product positioning. If you are focused on a specific property of your product or service or service, then ideally this should be pointed out more frequently in your customer reviews than any other, and only in a good method. And in case you have not identified the real key benefits, and then user reviews can help you identify all of them.

Find out what you are missing

On social networks, numerous consumers not only say what they like or dislike regarding your product, but additionally express their tips and expectations about how your brand can boost its offer. This may make you think about profitable cross-marketing campaigns or even a new service. As well as clients will be able to discover your indifference and reaction, which will increase their brand name loyalty.

Neutralize negative reviews

According to statistics, customers leave positive reviews about a product or service much less typically than simple or negative ones. This is due to the fact that customers expect an ideal solution or service in advance and react much more emotionally if these types of expectations are not met.

There are numerous kinds of negative references:

Subjective opinions. As a rule, they also consist of positive and neutral statements about the product and do not express an extreme degree of dissatisfaction. It is important to quickly react to this kind of reference, apologize for your annoyance and offer the client a convenient solution to his problem. The main task is to discover all of them in a timely manner (this is where the social media tracking program can help you) and solve the problem correctly.

One-time upset mentions. Generally, in such mentions, users do not particularly restrain themselves and do not be reluctant to use rather rude expressions, coloring their promises within bright colors. These kinds of recommendations represent a “medium” measure of danger for that brand, because they are overly emotional and are perceived as a “cry of the soul”. It is important to quickly react to all of them, reassure the person and translate the dialogue into a constructive discussion.

A targeted attack on the brand. This is the artificial generation of a large number of negative posts to undermine the reputation of a particular business. This kind of ratings are usually written by order of immediate competitors and their main goal is definitely the viral spread of bad. Bad reviews are far much more interesting than positive kinds because people often focus their interest on bad factors. Therefore, a well-coordinated, timely, competent response of professionals working in the evaluation of mentions is very important.

Social media analytics tools help keep abreast and timely neutralize any bad mentions, as well as save your money, time, resources and protect your popularity.

Define new platforms for the advancement

By checking mentions in social media, you may uncover brand new platforms with discussions of various services or products that are the exact same or related to what your company is doing. This really is an excellent chance to offer your product to the target audience of these web sites.

Affect your buying decision

When buying goods via the internet, the consumer does not have the opportunity to contact him or twist in his palms. Therefore, according to statistics, 60% – 70% of users study item reviews before purchasing it. Typically, clients trust reviews at least twice as much as the words in the product description on the site. If we talk about a service that cannot be “touched”, then, according to statistics, the number of customers who are trying to find information about the brand, as well as the actual reviews of those who have already used this service, are close to 90%. Methods for monitoring social networks will provide you with the ability to easily manage user reviews to maintain a high rating of the company on the network.

Supply and get feedback

The primary rule here would be to be honest and not try to acquire rid of your consumers with standard responses. Try to really solve the situation of dissatisfied clients, and they will come to be your most loyal fans, as well as an inexhaustible source of free advertising. The best tools for monitoring social networks allow you to not miss a single talk about. Of course, first of all, you should react to complaints, but positive reviews also deserve your interest.

Communication with a client is a good method to improve loyalty, therefore monitoring brand recommendations ought to be carried out systematically, and not from time to time. Try to surprise your consumers: fulfill the desire that you saw within their post, immediately react to the review, surpass their expectations or just be polite and careful to all of them. Caring for a customer is rare, so much a reaction will instantly lift you inside their eyes.

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