Social media monitoring systems with logo recognition function

Social media monitoring systems with logo recognition function

Every day more and more images are published on social media, and today their number offers exceeded 3 billion a day. For that reason, visual analytics is becoming a necessary tool for studying consumer demand and further planning marketing activities. In our post, we’ll talk about how you can use the new logo recognition feature, in addition to that of the players in the global social media monitoring market offers this kind of opportunity for brands.

Artificial intelligence has been used for image recognition intended for several years. Both global giants such as Yahoo and Google, Amazon and Microsoft, Baidu and Yandex, Facebook, and Linkedin as well as other innovative businesses providing specialized alternatives for different market segments are constantly improving their advancements.

But while for some, the image analyst remains an interesting toy, others actively use it to get valuable consumer information for their company. According to various estimates, today more than 80% of images and videos on the network are posted without any text at all and even without hashtags. This means that entrepreneurs do not see more than ⅘ of all references to their brand and, actually, are not aware of the real attitude of consumers for the company. To know which of the printed visual posts tend to be related to your services and products, logo recognition technology is used.

Recognition of logos and visual framework

The ability to detect a logo on images makes it possible to conduct a much deeper analysis of the brand’s existence in different environments and contexts. And if earlier analytical tools made it possible to find a brand mention only in user text posts, picture recognition significantly expands the reach and allows you to deepen understanding of modern Instagram-oriented viewers. In addition to determining posts regarding your business, the most advanced image reputation resources help you understand the framework of your mention. This kind of decision makes it possible to consider the photograph and text as a solitary enterprise in order to clearly determine random recommendations and specific reviews, negative and positive assessments. Thus, picture analysis helps to build a truly realistic picture of your brand’s presence in social media and in the life of consumers in general.


Spectrum is an OSINT technology project inside Infozahyst LLC that delivers solutions based on AI, machine learning, and big data. At the beginning of 2014, Spectrum started developing different modules including pics recognition. Visual Analytics and Social Network Analysis features by Spectrum system are already on the market with the success of user stories in various niches.


Was the first company in the CIS to offer a solution for recognizing the logo of brands in social media on a multi-million online information supply. Among world players, this is one of the most powerful and convenient solutions for finding logos in images – YouScan Visual Insights, which allows you to see the full picture of the brand’s discussions.

The solution involves not only finding logos in the photos of social media users but also provides the ability to analyze the context of images: it recognizes objects (people, animals, objects, etc.) and scenes (terrain, event, room, etc.).


If you already have a ready-made analytical system and successfully work with text messages on social media, you can use ready-made APIs like LogoGrab Brand Recognition to recognize a logo. This solution helps you locate the company logo in the image, leaving you with queries on how to evaluate protection and analyze brand mentions.


Probably the most famous solution in the world is Brandwatch, one of the first to offer analytics resources for mentioning the brand on social networks. Brandwatch has good reach and advanced analytic tools. Method users can customize Image Insights according to their needs and set alerts in case of, for example, detection of negative mentions. A powerful results visualization system allows you to quickly and easily analyze the situation and make strategic decisions in real-time.

Crimson Hexagon

Even though Crimson Hexagon officially merged with Brandwatch back in 2018, the partnership of engineers will affect the functionality regarding future items. In the meantime, both systems continue to serve as before. Crimson Hexagon has substantial capabilities for detecting brand mentions in publications and offers off-the-shelf analytics solutions, including detailed recognition of images with logos, objects, scenes, and even the measures that take place. The Image Reverse Search operate allows you to search not only logos but also visually similar images.


The service constantly updates the database of using different trademarks for competitive analysis and conducts continuous monitoring for 10 social networks.

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